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Telangana, situated in the central stretch of the Indian Peninsula on the Deccan Plateau, is the 29th state of India and twelfth-largest state in the country with an extent of 114,840 square kilometres and a population of 35,286,757 (2011 census).

Telangana is bordered by the states, Andhra Pradesh to the south and east, Maharashtra to the north and north-west, Karnataka to the west and Chhattisgarh to the north-east.

The city of Hyderabad is the joint capital for Telangana and the successor state of Andhra Pradesh for the period of ten years. Hyderabad, Warangal, Nizamabad, Karimnagar and Khammam are the major cities in the state.

The region is drained by two major rivers, with about 79% of the Godavari River catchment area and about 69% of the Krishna River catchment area, but most of the land is arid.Telangana is also drained by several minor rivers such as the Bhima, the Manjira and the Musi.

The annual rainfall is between 900 to 1500 mm in northern Telangana and 700 to 900 mm in southern Telangana, from the southwest monsoons. Various soil types abound, including chalkas, red sandy soils, dubbas, deep red loamy soils, and very deep b.c. soils that facilitate planting mangoes, oranges and flowers

Demographics of the Telangana districts
District Headquarters Population(2011) Area( Density(/
Adilabad Adilabad 2,737,738 16,105 170
Hyderabad Hyderabad 4,010,238 527 7610
Karimnagar Karimnagar 3,811,738 11,823 322
Khammam Khammam 2,798,214 16,029 175
Mahbubnagar Mahabubnagar 4,042,191 18,432 219
Medak Sangareddy 3,031,877 9,699 313
Nalgonda Nalgonda 3,483,648 14,240 245
Nizamabad Nizamabad 2,552,073 7,956 321
Rangareddy Hyderabad 5,296,396 7,493 707
Warangal Warangal 3,522,644 12,846 252