The new State of Telangana is came into existence on 2nd June 2014 with 10 Districts from erstwhile State of Andhra Pradesh. In the process of achieving Golden Telangana, Irrigation & CAD Department of Telangana State is making every effort to harness and utilize all the available water resources for benefitting of Agricultural sector, Industrial Sector and also providing drinking water for overall development.

The development of Irrigation in Telangana is mostly dependent on Godavari & Krishna Rivers and their tributaries, Tanks & Ponds. Tanks are the most important resources of Telangana. There are 46,531 Nos of water bodies varying from very large tanks to small ponds & percolation tanks. Restoration & Renovation of tanks has been taken by I&CAD Department under Mission Kakatiya, a flagship programme of Government of Telangan at 20% tanks every year.

I&CAD Department is entrusted with Survey, investigation, planning, designing, construction, maintenance and management of Major, Medium & Minor Irrigation Projects including Lift Irrigation Schemes. Further Quality Control mechanism, is also proposed to strengthen by providing one Quality Control Division for each District. Central Design Organization of I&CAD Department is also strengthened to take the designs of all the projects to meet the requirements of newly proposed and re-engineering projects.

Research & Training activities in the area of water Resources & Management is also another function of I&CAD Department of Telangana. Water and Land Management Training & Research Institute (WALAMTARI) is one of the Apex training Institute. WALAMTARI provides training, including field trainings for junior/ senior level officers for capacity building, documentation and dissemination.

Telangana has two major river basins namely Krishna River Basin & Godavari River Basin. I&CAD Department is striving hard for planned utilization of 961.60 TMC and 298.96TMC of water in Godavari and Krishna basins, apart from flood waters in Krishna basin. In this regard, basin wise Hydrology and Investigation wings have been created to meet the requirements of Hydrology Project-III(World Bank funded)

For optimum utilization of water allocated in Godavari & Krishna basins, I&CAD Department is utilizing the advanced technologies i.e., LIDAR for topographical survey for re-engineering of some of the major projects on Lift Irrigation Schemes.

I&CAD Department have taken up 34 Major & Medium Irrigation Projects including two New Projects namely Palamuru Ranga Reddy LIS & Dindi Project to create new IP of 60.77 lakh acres including stabilization of 1.34 lakh acres.

I&CAD Department is also planning for providing irrigation facilities of one lakh acres in each constituency (other than urban) under different sources to protect the agricultural sector from vagaries of monsoon.

I&CAD Department of Telangana is attempting to use latest technologies in the field of Water Resources and Information Technology to transform I&CAD as one of the most modern and service driven department. For effective functioning and to maintain more transparency I&CAD Department has taken up online publication of tenders, online Bill Monitoring System(BMS), Project Monitoring System(PMS) and Quality Monitoring System(QMS). GIS wing of the department is also involved in preparing the various Irrigation maps.

Further, to utilize the man power more efficiently, HRMS packages have been developed for addressing the employee service matters, problems etc.

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